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Wildlife & Conservation Area Management

Afzelia offers wildlife and ecological consulting and management services to owners and managers of game reserves, game ranches, game farms, conservancies and other wildlife areas throughout Southern Africa.

Wildlife Management Services Offered:

  1. Habitat evaluation.
  2. Determination of potential for sustainable game ranching.
  3. Determination of potential for intensive game farming.
  4. Determination of potential for nature based tourism.
  5. Preparation of practical management plans, whatever the type of operation.
  1. Establishment of a habitat monitoring system for measuring animal impact.
  2. Establishment of a game monitoring system for keeping track of animal numbers.
  3. Determination of annual game removals based on the monitoring results.
  4. Annual review of the entire operation in terms of the objectives set in the management plan.
  5. Preparation of annual review statements for the operation (similar to a management audit.
  1. Basic and specialist staff training.
  2. Establishment of biological, ecological and resource investigative initiatives.
  3. Assistance with the design of tourism infrastructure like hides, picnic sites, trail huts, trails, information systems and signposting.
  4. Assistance with the design of infrastructure for game management such as fences, holding pens, passive capture systems, feeding sites, water supply and parasite control.
  5. Design and management of guidelines for soil erosion control.
  6. Design of general habitat rehabilitation guidelines.
  7. Design and management of guidelines for invasive alien plant control.
  8. Design and management of road construction and maintenance.
  9. Preparation of fire management guidelines.
  10. Preparation of guidelines for intensive game farming.

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  Tel: +27 (31) 303 2835
  Fax: +27 (86) 692 2547
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  Tel: +27 (31) 303 2835
  Fax: +27 (86) 692 2547
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